is an English actor, writer, producer and Voice Over artist working (on a Green Card) in Los Angeles and the U.K. He has a reputation on stage and on screen as an authoritative, intelligent performer with a fine dry wit.

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Theatrical Agent (L.A.): Tom Markley at Metropolitan. (MTA)
Tel: 1 323 857 4593 Email:

Theatrical Agent (UK): Jane Dunlop at Stage Centre Management.
Tel: 0144 (0)207 607 0872 Email:

Commercial Agent (L.A.): Joan Messinger at Pinnacle.
Tel: 1 323 939 5440 Email:

For information on past present and future film and TV film projects developed by John, see

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To celebrate the release of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" here's "6 Years, 4 Months & 23 Days" John's award winning short film starring the wonderful Stef Dawson (Annie Cresta). Little of Stef's work is available to watch, so this will be a treat for her fans.

A scene from the wonderful movie "Rehearsal" directed by Carl Bessai. John plays "Sorin" in a much troubled production of "The Seagull". Starring Bruce Greenwood, Deborah Kara Unger, Dean Geyer, Rob Morrow and David Cubitt.

John had a great time playing the lead role of William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes) in the Theatre Palisades production of Ken Ludwig's hilarious whodunit thriller "The Game's Afoot; or Holmes for The Holidays." Directed by Gene Franklin Smith. Here's an interview with John.

And here's a fun trailer for the play:

Find out everything you ever wanted to know (and probably rather more!) about John in this lighthearted but in-depth interview on Actors E-Chat. (Scroll down in the window to the video itself)

John is very proud to have narrated the extraordinary World War 2 Historical novel "Beneath Another Sun" by Robert Radcliffe". It is a harrowing but uplifting story. It has garnered wonderful reviews in the UK and is highly recommended.

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John plays College Dean John Buttner in the Anglo/ French/US production pilot "One Of A Kind". Here he is...

John cut a bit of a figure at the Britweek Celebrates Downton Abby party!

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John has narrated several audiobooks for Deyan Audiobooks/, now available on-line. Full details (and you can listen to samples) can be found at:

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