is an English actor, writer, producer and Voice Over artist working (on a Green Card) in Los Angeles and the U.K. He has a reputation on stage and on screen as an authoritative, intelligent performer with a fine dry wit.

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'6 Years, 4 Months & 23 Days" has been selected by another Film Festival and will be screened at the Walnut Creek International Film Festival on the 3rd May. For more info see:
Walnut Creek International Short Film Festival
The 2014 Toscars was a great success, with an amazing show enjoyed by a packed house at the famous Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

... Special mention must also go to Clement von Franckenstein for his turn as Woody in John Mawson's "Knobraska" – which (at least for us) was the standout performance of the night. Everything about this black and white parody of Alexander Payne’s road-trip movie, from the performances to the cinematography and director Chris Devlin’s understated, realistic style, elevated it head and shoulders above its competitors."
Nick Stark, The British Weekly.

Here's the film, (written and produced by and featuring John) for you to enjoy!

Here's a fun radio interview, for The Toscars 2014.

"The Bigger Picture" with Timothy Spangler

And here's another for The Santa Monica Observer...

Santa Monica Observer

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It will be screened at the Walnut Creek International Short Film Festival in May 2014.

Stef Dawson, who stars as Lucy Cross, has been cast as Annie Cresta in The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2.
- Accepted for consideration for Nomination by BAFTA for the British Academy Awards 2014.
- Won the audience award (World Cinema) at the San Jose International Short Film Festival.
- Won Best Live Action Short Film at the Phoenix Film festival 2013.
- Awarded "Honorable Mention" at the California Shorts Film Festival 2012.
- The screenplay was runner up at the Slamdance Screenwriting competition 2011.

Here's the trailer.

John co-starred in the Network drama "Criminal Minds". Season 8, Ep 20 "Alchemy".

John's Feature Screenplay "The San Demetrio" based on a true story from WW2 was a finalist at the Emerging Screenwriters competition and Top 20% in the Nicholls Fellowships

John cut a bit of a figure at the Britweek Celebrates Downton Abby party!

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John has narrated several audiobooks for Deyan Audiobooks/, now available on-line. Full details (and you can listen to samples) can be found at:

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